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"T3 is such a fast and potent healing methodology. I was on a one on one phone call with Troy looking to build more confidence in myself. One thing that came up in conversation that was holding me back, was this memory of being bullied in High School. I vividly remember this bully threatening me and always being confrontational no matter how much I avoided him. I specifically even remember having to think up creative ways to walk while at school to avoid this guy! Troy proceeded to guide me through the T3 process, and within a little bit of time I started to feel completely relieved like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. All of the fear, anxiety, and tremors were now replaced by lightness and laughter. What behavioral changes did this induce? The first thing I noticed, was speaking out more at work when I disagreed with people and when opinions and feedback were needed. In the past i would be quiet when it came time to voice an opinion or give critical feedback. I even became more active with my opinions with friends, family, social media, etc. I also noticed I started becoming more comfortable in my skin, and talking to strangers when I used to previously have social anxiety. I had huge social anxiety at parties where I didn't know anyone. This all disappeared completely! I could now be the social guy because I wasn't afraid of "being bullied" by strangers like I had been in high school. Two months later, I got a message on Facebook.... It was my childhood bully!! He told me that he been following my recent string of posts on social media, and that he was genuinely proud of me for standing up to people when it was tough and not popular. He said he admired and respected the courage I had! Of all people the bully now became someone who now looked up to me. After this I felt so complete about my past and bullying. Fear was now in my control in the palm of my hand, and not breathing down the back of my neck! Thank you Troy! T3 is easy, effective and life changing!!"
Software Analyst
"I did several sessions with Troy...He helped me get over PTSD and social anxiety. I no longer have any anxiety when I hear fireworks... and [the lack of social anxiety] gave me the courage to ask out the woman of my dreams. We're now's all thanks to Troy! I made him the best man at my wedding to say, 'thanks!'"
Mike johnson
Police Officer
"Troy's clearing and releasing technology is second to none - much more powerful than anything else you can find alone. He helped me get over a lot of social anxiety and dating & relationship oriented anxiety. Life is a lot better now and I look forward to continuing working with him."
"I was deeply depressed and starting to have suicidal thoughts...I felt like I was ugly and that women didn't want me...After I met Troy, everything changed. He introduced me to tapping and [as a result], I made big changes in my life. We did tapping on anxiety around women women are asking ME out! ...Troy literally saved my life."
Andy G.
"I went into the session not knowing what to expect...looking back I noticed a completely different outlook on life following the session. I feel confident now. I used to be self-conscious about dancing...I went to [the local dance club] and was comfortable dancing in front of everyone! Genuinely life-changing."
Ashley p.
Marine Corps
"I didn't think that [the session] would work for me. It was amazing. I ...I used to not be able to visualize myself achieving my goals. During the session, I saw everything so clearly...Amazing session and I will definitely be doing more!"
Professional Athlete
"The deepest spiritual experience I have had in my life... Whatever you are trying to channel within you, you can do so with Troy. I felt very comfortable. I came back rejuvenated and at peace. It was very emotional and I found things in my inner consciousness I didn't realize were there. I've been going to a psychologist for years and one session helped me more than many sessions with a doctor"
Savannah M.
"Absolutely amazing! We erased the belief that "I am ugly" and it's stayed gone ever since!"
Colin P.
Software Developer

A unique program that erases anxiety at the root

Step 1

We spend 30 minutes to quickly determine your unique “problem structure” which is perpetuating your problem(s). This involves delving into the past, present, and future.

Step 2

We use powerful clearing technology to release the individual “cornerstones” that are keeping the problem structure alive.

Step 3

We reprocess the negative memories, beliefs, and feelings and “flip” them to the positive.

Step 4

We repeat the process until it’s literally impossible to have the problem!

I'm your coach, Troy T.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you can find the help that you need!

permanently cured Social Anxiety Disorder and Panic and Anxiety Disorder by tapping only

I can do the same for you. This is hopefully the last coaching you will ever need. 

I used to have 5-10 panic attacks a week. I also dealt with heart-pounding anxiety everytime I left my house.

But no more! 

By the grace of God, or some guardian angel, I learned and mastered tapping and now I have to actively find things that give me anxiety. For example, jumping out of a plane, or diving off a cliff.

If this sounds pretty great, then try my no-BS, fool-proof tapping method. It’s simple, easy, and is based in science.

Trust me, I know how much having anxiety sucks. If you’re ready to get over social anxiety without meds, then contact me now! 

I’m here to unconditionally support and encourage you. I used to be super-sensitive to criticism and judgement when I was anxious. So I won’t do that do you. Feel free to reach out to me 24/7. I’ll do what I can to help!

How does this work?

When you were in your developmental years, you unconsciously assigned meaning to inherently meaningless events, thus forming individual beliefs which became belief-systems over time. If you have a serious problem, such as an anxiety disorder, it’s usually because you experienced multiple traumatic events in your childhood. Even if you can’t remember the memories that caused your issues, the problem structure is still stored in your nervous system and in a neuro-system in your brain. By tapping, you “unfreeze” the isolated neuropathways that were “frozen” during your childhood trauma. This allows your brain to reprocess the information, which releases the troubling negative emotions and allows you to assign a new meaning to the event. When this happens, the problem structure will “collapse” and it becomes impossible to have the issue anymore!

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